We describe here, in a nutshell, the major outcomes that we are achieving, with links to articles in which it was discussed more extensively or directly to technical documents (in italian).

Action A2 - Development of the best strategies for the identification of hybrids 

The Department of Biology and Biotechnology, University of Rome "La Sapienza" of Rome has produced a Technical Report entitled "Hybridization with the dog as a threat to the conservation of the wolf: status of knowledge and criteria for the identification of hybrids" (May 2012). Were reviewed and summarized the most relevant scientific papers on the use of phenotypic markers (ie, based on the appearance of the animal), the indications of genetic markers and sampling. It was also produced a summary of this important technical report (January 2013).

Action A3 - Genetic and morphological characterization of hybrids 

We have defined the standard for the identification of hybrids, collecting more than 150 biological samples (faeces) and also making use of camera trapping. In July 2012 we produced a "Technical Report Actions A3 - A4". In October 2013 was published the "Final Report - Results of genetic testing."

Action A4 - the ex-ante survey on the presence of hybrids and stray dogs 

We have performed an estimate of the presence and number of hybrids, wolves and wild dogs, creating a map of their distribution on the territory of Grosseto and the Maremma and Amiata. In July 2012, a "Technical report actions A3 - A4" was produced.

Action A5 - Characterization of the ecological and management conditions associated with the presence of hybrids 

It was produced a technical report containing the results of the surveys and interviews conducted with a sample of 62 farms that fall within the province with the aim to identify the existence and structure of fences and / or shelters in areas of pasture.

Action A6 - Shared strategic plan for the reduction of stray dogs

Meetings were held with stakeholders in order to share the overall objectives of the project and the key points for the definition of a shared strategic plan for the reduction of stray dogs . I'm so were consulted for the first time representatives of stakeholders : farmers and ranchers , animal rights activists and environmentalists, hunters. It has launched a consultation with the Health Local ( ASL 9) of Grosseto and met the Tuscany Region, the municipal authorities , the provinces and the neighboring regions .

On 22 November 2013, the Provincial Plan for the reduction of stray dogs was finally presented to Arcidosso ( GR) , in the course of the Symposium provided under the project Ibriwolf Life : "Wolves and dogs in rural areas : prospects and strategies for management effective of stray dogs and the phenomenon of hybridization . " The symposium was a great success of participation.

Action A7 - ex-ante survey on the state of knowledge and awareness on the problem of hybridization 

WWF Italy has produced a technical report entitled "Analysis of the views of stakeholders towards the wolf, the hybrid and the dog wandering in the Province of Grosseto" (December 2012). 

Action A8 - Development of a database on the presence of hybrids within the province 

In collaboration with the LIFE project Medwolf we are building the database provided for both projects. Several datasets have so far been recovered that were deemed useful for the development of the database: the complaints of attacks, the list of damages, the list of companies that have received funding for prevention to those who took part in our survey (action A7).

Action C1 - C2. Interventions removal of hybrids in the Maremma and Monte Amiata

Concluded licensing procedures issued by the Ministry of Environment and having forewarned the farms concerned, in the month of October 2012, work began for the removal of wolf-dog hybrids in the Province of Grosseto. Advance has been called the "Protocol Operations for the capture and removal of the hybrid dog- wolf in the Province of Grosseto."

The trapping activities were carried out by the technicians of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology " Charles Darwin ", University of Rome La Sapienza, under the scientific supervision of prof. Luigi Boitani, and were conducted in accordance with the instructions in the capture permit issued by the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea .

From 1 November 2012 to December 10, 2013 were performed a total of 9 sessions capture through which to date have been captured 5 wild canids and a dog stalking: one canid was detained because hybrid result , four were released because wolves.

The first and second capture session took place in Cannelle , within the Natural Park of Maremma, in November and December 2012 , the third , fourth and fifth capture session in Stribugliano , in the municipality of Arcidosso ( Amiata ) , between February and May 2013 , the sixth and eighth capture session took place at Belagaio , in the municipality of Roccastrada , in June and November 2013 , and the seventh to Dusty in the town of Orbetello, in October 2013 , and finally the ninth, Mount Penna , in December 2013.

All captured animals were found to be in good physical condition and none of the 4 animals released suffered significant injuries during capture and handling. Only the first individual captured, a female about 2 years old and 23 kg in weight, caught in the night between 21 and 22 March, was finally held in captivity at the wildlife recovery center of Semproniano as a hybrid. A hunting dog (hound Italian) female, about three years, captured on December 8 in a state of malnutrition was instead taken into custody by the operators of the farm dog Galdi Ribolla (Report activity carried out during the period November 1, 2012 - December 15, 2013) .

The catches of hybrids are conducted through the technique of laces blocked. Once trapped , the animal is immediately immobilized using tranquilizers injected with blowpipe and experimenting with a new remote-controlled device remotely to optimize the probability of capture. More info and photos >

To support the activities planned by the action C.2, in August 2013, a survey was carried out by the technique of wolf howling in order to gather data on the presence of wild canids in the Amiata, to define the areas of attendance in which to focus the activities of capture.

Action C3 - Maintenance hybrids in captivity

It ' currently under construction the fence at the CRASM of Semproniano, where the first dog-wolf hybrid captured is currently guarded (see Action C2).

Action C4 - Sterilization of stray dogs

Between September and October 2012 in the vicinity of Manchester were removed the first seven stray dogs . More info and photos >

Action C6 - Awareness campaign on the impact of stray dogs in natural ecosystems

The campaign is in the course of approval (July 2013). In August 2013, the project was present in Ibriwolf Festambiente, the festival of ecology, solidarity and beauty, created by Legambiente since 1989 , held every summer in Rispescia (GR ) at the gates of the Natural Park of Maremma . Within the program of the festival was planned in conjunction with an educational activity Ibriwolf , to raise awareness among children and their parents on the proper handling of dogs, this according to the reduction in the number of stray dogs in rural areas.

Action D1 - Country information on project activities

Were printed informational brochures and poster to advise local people on the existence of the project Ibriwolf. A newsletter was produced in three numbers: in November 2012 , April 2013 , December 2013 .

Action D6 - Website

It ' was produced this website which has achieved an increasing number of visitors ( 1704 visitors in December 2013) . Furthermore, to spread the knowledge of the site and then the project itself, we have created a Facebook page and a Twitter account .



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