The main aim of ibriwolf is to safeguard the wolf population in Italy.
Particularly, the project focuses on a relatively recently recorded threat to its conservation: the hybridisation with domestic dogs. The project wants to be a demonstrative experience in that there is no other recorded action taken in Europe to manage wolf-dogs hybrids (other than killing dogs). Although the hybridisation between wolves and dogs has been recorded for centuries, the widespread presence of dogs and the lack of control of the hybrids, together with a reduction of wolf presence, makes them to represent a serious threat to the conservation of the genetic identity of wolf. The project thus aims at:

  1. identify and remove all the hybrids from two pilot areas in Tuscany, where they have been recorded;
  2. decrease the presence of free-ranging dogs through their removal whenever possible and the sterilisation of all individuals captured;
  3. increase the awareness about the threat posed by hybrids to wolves and to wildlife in general among the general public;
  4. establish a network of interest groups that would contribute to the development of best solutions for tackling the problem of hybridization in the long run;
  5. develop and maintain a consistent database for recording all events of hybrids presence that would serve for management activities;
  6. develop guidelines for the management of wolf-dog hybrids after wider consultation with interest groups;
  7. develop areas where hybrids can be kept in captivity and visited for public awareness purposes;
  8. establish a network of public administrations where the hybrids have been recorded to be present in order to stimulate the replication of successful experiences and the improvement of experimental activities implemented through the present project .
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