A new project for the prevention and reduction of predation of the flocks and wolf conservation

The Provinces of Grosseto, Siena Arezzo work together while the Tuscany Region finance common measures.

The goal is to contain the predations and build a system of co-existence between the wolf and livestock activities, conserving the wolf and, at the same time, reducing the conflict with man. The project presented by the Provinces of Grosseto, leader, Siena and Arezzo and financed by the Tuscany Region, provides for investments 80 000 euro.

The project will run for two years and provides for:

1. To promote an organic and integrated monitoring of the presence of wolves, hybrids and the events of predation;

2. Promote technical assistance, information and awareness (debates, conferences, brochures, thematic exhibitions, etc.), With the support and collaboration of agricultural associations and environmental groups, for operators in the sector and all social categories concerned.

In the three provinces, the phenomenon has had, and still has, a very different impact, depending on the characteristics environmental and socio-economic of each territory, which led to a discrepancy in the goals and actions taken to date. The new project aims to optimize the knowledge and coordinate strategies while taking into account the specific needs and local conditions. This type of approach will also allow to optimize the resources with the significant cost savings for the individual institutions.

The three provinces will compare those initiated over the years and in particular Siena and Arezzo verify the approaches taken in Grosseto to estimate abundance and for the detection of the wolf population, hybrid dog produced by the Province of Grosseto with projects Ibriwolf and Medwolf . This approach will bring a double benefit:

- The use of comparable methodologies throughout southern Tuscany, in order to standardize the data and the production of an overall reliable;

- An acceleration in the collection of data by the provinces involved;

The sharing activities will concern a number of documents already adopted by the Province of Grosseto, as the beneficiary and partners of the LIFE projects and Ibriwolf Medwolf, including:

- Test Procedure for the capture and removal of hybrid dog / wolf;

- Provincial Strategic Plan for the reduction of stray dogs

- Guidelines for the management of wolf-dog hybrids;

- Protocol for the implementation of a data sheet in at the farms that have been damaged by canids;

- Protocol for the activity of collecting genetic material of the predator on the body of the prey.

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